Revised Academic Calendar for B.E., B.Arch. Programs (Baishakh 2072 - Chaitra 2072), IOE, TU,



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KhCE is community-based engineering college, undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality. It is centrally located at culturally rich city Bhaktapur. KhCE will, in every regard, be the right destination for those who aspire to become professional engineers and architects at affordable fees.

With a distant vision of maintaining Bhaktapur's hard-won glory, the college aims to produce highly skilled engineers/architects that will have blends of both indigenous and modern-day technologies. In this regard, the college is aiming to provide quality education in the engineering in the engineering fields which are of prime importance for the development of country.

Message from the chairman & the principal

Prem Suwal


The quality education, in our motto, implies linking education with productive labor, enabling new generation to lead 21st century and encouraging them to serve people and country alike. The Desire of the people of Bhaktapur is to have ' One graduate in each family' and 'Intellectualization of whole society'.

Khwopa Engineering College, Khwopa College of Engineering, Khwopa Higher Secondary school, Khwopa College and Khwopa Polytechnic Institute are community based institutions established and run by Bhaktapur Municipality. The aim of these colleges is to provide quality education for the new generation at affordable fee to full-fill our desire.


Er. Chandra Kiran Kawan


One really discerns the imperative of the education for the holistic enhancement of the nation. Viewing the imperative of the education, Bhaktapur Municipality has run Khwopa College of Engineering was established in 2065 in affiliation with Tribhuwan University.

Khwopa College of Engineering comprises a team of competent faculty members, dedicated staff and sensible parents who are always conscious of the academic demands and challenges and equally cooperative enough to meet them. Well-equipped laboratories, library and facility of college transportation are some of the features of college. Similarly, wide range of students' scholarships available has made it easier for the students to quench their thrist for quality education.